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prepreg autoclave

That is a classic lightweight construction technology. We use the autoclave for our prepregs – pre-impregnated fibre structures. Our prepregs are being stored at minus temperatures within our climate cabinet. Before positioning them correctly within the mould, we are bringing them in the right shape. Inside the big pressure tank, they are cured, using the right temperature and pressure. Freshly demoulded, they are being chamfered and polished to become your new Beast.


Opposed to the autoclave process, we use the resin transfer moulding (RTM) process for our dry fibre structures. Correctly shaped and positioned within the mould, they are being impregnated with the resin of choice. Within the heated mould, the curing process is taking place. After being demoulded, your new Beast comes to live.


In order to achieve the perfect results, we are using VAP throughout the curing process. That is how we prevent air bubbles and quality changes from occurring. The VAP technology stands for vacuum assisted process and has been developed by Airbus. What has proved efficient in the aviation industry sets the standard for our products.

Our Beast quality

-100% control at every production step
-internal structural tests at every production step
-certified through independent
-testing institutes (Zedler, EFBE)